The Music Man Rental Advantage™


Why Rent?
The greatest worry we hear from parents is paying a lot for an instrument only to have their child not stay in band or orchestra.
Renting an instrument with Music Man gives you the perfect balance between spending a little at the beginning, applying money paid towards purchase and returning it if your child chooses to leave band. We believe our rental/purchase plan relieves that concern and many others.

• 100% of Your Rental Fees Go Toward Purchase of Instrument
There are no hidden service or interest fees. As you make your payments, the payment amount is deducted from the price of the instrument.

• Highest Quality Student Line Instruments ~ Music Man is an Authorized Dealer for Many Major Brands.
Trust your teacher’s recommendations. There are so many brands out there, its hard to know what is what. The brands we carry are school district approved and are requested by School Districts and band directors throughout the country. This is due to the higher standards of manufacturing.  Plus, the brands we carry make their own instruments in their own factories. They don’t purchase their instruments from a 3rd party. The better the instrument the better the chances your child will succeed.

• Rent Online or by Phone
We can be reached at 1-800-785-5367. Some like to go online and some like to speak to a warm body. Either way, our goal is to make it easy and comfortable for you to get things done.  CLICK TO BEGIN YOUR RENTAL HERE!

• Deep Early Discounts for Purchase
We want to save you money. We try to be competitive and fair in our pricing. If you decide to buy your rental instrument, we will give you a discount to save you money.

• All Instruments are Parts Supported
There are many instruments of varying quality out there. But not all of them play well, nor can they be repaired when the instruments need to be fixed. The brands we carry are of such high quality that we can service the instruments and replace the parts if necessary.

• Optional Repair and Replacement Coverage (R&R)
For a nominal amount, in the event your instrument needs repair we will repair the instrument at no charge to you. If we can’t repair the
instrument, we will replace it at no charge. If your instrument is stolen, we will replace it at no charge.

• Free Complimentary Loaners
Should you ever need repair, All Music Man rental customers get a complimentary loaner to use while your instrument is being repaired. Just call us up or stop by a store and we’ll take care of you.

• All Maintenance and Repairs done Locally by Our On-Site Repair Technicians
Our repair department features experienced technicians with over 50 years of experience. If we can’t fix it, nobody can.band instruments, band instruments in Port St. Lucie, band instruments in West Palm Beach, music lessons, music lessons in Port St. Lucie, music lessons in West Palm Beach, guitar lessons in Port St. Lucie, guitar lessons in West Palm Beach, piano lessons in West Palm Beach, piano lessons in Port St. Lucie

• No Long-Term Commitment
After the initial rental, you can return your instrument at any time and walk away.

• Free Delivery to Your School ~ We Visit Every School Every Week
Whether you rent online, rent by phone, or purchase supplies from us on our online store  we will deliver the instrument to your child’s school within days. CLICK TO BEGIN YOUR RENTAL HERE!

And Finally…
Music Man is Family Owned & Operated.  We have supported Music Education in South Florida since 1976. Everyone goes online. We get it. However, online-based companies do NOT support local band programs. What does “Support Local Band Programs” mean?

  • Last Year Music Man donated over $25,000.00 to local music programs.
  • We Donate folders to the band programs
  • We provide lesson scholarships to kids in need
  • We give instruments to the band programs when students can’t afford one
  • We support Fund Raisers for the Bands through donations and money
  • We provide FREE clinics to students
  • We do emergency repairs & deliveries to schools

If you’d like to talk to the owner, please call 800-785-5367.